Price List, Hovey Brushes

3mm Small Brush $25.00
4mm Small Brush $26.00
5mm Small Brush $27.00
6mm Small Brush $28.00
7mm Small Brush $29.00
8mm Medium Brush $30.00
9mm Medium Brush $32.00
10mm Medium Brush $34.00
11mm Medium Brush $36.00
12mm Medium Brush $38.00
13mm Large Brush $40.00
14mm Large Brush $42.00
15mm Large Brush $44.00
16mm Large Brush $47.00
17mm Large Brush $50.00

Personal checks, cashiers' checks or money orders are fine.
Packaging and shipping is usually $10.00, though larger orders or faster shipping may be more.

Bob Hovey
2919 Grant Road
Columbus, GA 31907

Delivery time can be unpredictable... I don't keep much open stock, most brushes are made to order.
Plus I've got a day job, an overgrown yard, and a daughter who expects taxi service.  
I'll try to let you know when you order about how long the wait will be, or email me
to ask about availability or shipping, or any other questions you might have.