1968 Masi Special

A new and very welcome addition to the family.  The first two pictures were taken when she was still in Italy, the rest were taken as she was being unpacked.  An odd mix of components for a Masi, I wonder if perhaps the former owner's family had a feud going on with the Campagnolo clan.  Not a single Campy part.  Well, the hubs are Campy but they are dated '72 and not original to the bike (the bars and stem appear to be later additions as well).  The seller graciously supplied a '69 Campy NR rear derailleur which has been installed since these photos were taken, and it will probably have plenty of company before too long... the plan is to rebuild the bike with all-NR components. 

But the first order of business is to get her cleaned up and see about stabilizing the rust spots.  Sadly, my local bike shop was fresh out of '68 Masi Champagne Gold touchup paint, so I guess I'm going to have to do some hunting... Or maybe just leave her battle scars alone, just apply a few coats of wax.

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MS02     MS01     MS03

MS04  MS05

MS06  MS07

MS08  MS09  MS10

"Special" thanks to Steven Maasland.  And to Matteo Brandi who is a wizard with bubble wrap.

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