1999  Richard Moon

Newest member of the family. Seller listed it as a '99 but the
 serial number (8 97 10) suggests it may be a '97.

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This is one of those cases where a bike could be a great fit for two very different people.  The original owner had long legs and a short torso, so Richard built him a frame with a 52cm seat tube and short 50.5cm top tube.   He rode it in a fairly normal configuration (10-12cm stem, several cm below saddle level).  It fit him just fine but when he sold the bike it ended up with a guy with just the opposite body type:  short legs, long torso.  But there was a good reason... being overweight and having some lower back problems, I was looking for an alternative to the usual road bike posture.  I wanted a more upright riding position but was just not ready to make the move to upswept bars or the dreaded Technomic stem.  This frame seemed like a good place to start... with it's short top tube and a shorter (8cm) stem elevated to just below saddle height, I was able to get a more upright posture and a straighter lower back.  Two more dividends:  longer rides before saddle numbness set in (for a long while I blamed the saddle, but it's time to admit that it was a combination of my fat belly and being bent over too much).  And finally, I've got a better view of the world... no more stiff neck from holding my head up to enjoy the beautiful Georgia skies.

How does it handle?  Great... it is responsive but not skittish.  I haven't logged enough miles just yet to write a detailed review, but initial impressions (even on dirt roads), are very positive. 

Current Components:

2004 Campy Record crank
2003 Campy Chorus front and rear deraillers and levers
2000 Campy Record (non-differential) calipers
2005 Campy Chorus hubs, cassette
2006 Campy Chorus bottom bracket, headset
Campy C-Record seat post
Fizik Aliante saddle
Deda 215 non-anatomic bars
Titan Ti stem
2007 Mavic Open Pro rims
Ritchey Pro Comp pedals
Specialized Turbo/VR tires*
Blackburn bottle cage
Leather bar wrap
Seat pack & handlebar bag

Weight without bags or bottle: 19.4 lb.

* The only pair of natural-sidewall tires the LBS had left. What is it with tire manufacturers these days, would it kill them to make a few pairs of traditional-looking tires instead of all these goofy-looking colors?



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Notes From the Seller:


74 degree Seat Tube Angle
72.5 Head Tube Angle

Top tube: (level) 50.5 c-c
Seat tube: 52 c-c

Chainstay: 40.7
Stand over: 78cm from ground to top of bar.
Fork rake: 1.7"
BB drop: 6.5cm approx
BB height: 27cm (with 25mm tires)
Front Center: 54
Wheelbase: 95cm

Standard Bottom Bracket-English

Construction and Tubing

Reynolds 531 for fork
Reynolds 653 Record for main triangle
Reynolds 753 rear triangle

Frame: 3.57lbs
Fork: 1.3lbs

By R. Brian Bayliss. The color is known as WINE FIRE BLUE.

The lugs, except the BB, have been masked and painted an ivory color, with some gold accents on customized cutouts

The BB has been pin striped in gold.