A Visit to Carlsbad, April 2008

Text and Photos by Charles Andrews


Hey Bob.

Here are pics I took on the annual Masi ride yesterday. I hope this is what you wanted. I can always cruise back by there sometime soon and take more. I'd love to get some at sunset, but the timing wasn't right yesterday.

The pictures are numbered more or less in sequence, starting with the view from the parking lot up toward the factory building, then views from the picnic table where the guys would eat lunch, out toward the ocean. There used to be a full view of the ocean from there, but a bunch of houses have been built right on the water, obscuring all but a peek-a-boo view now, as shown..

Also shown is a window frame with Masi sticker, applied by Joe Bell. We used to put them the window, but they'd be removed. So far, no one's bothered to remove the ones on the frame. Also shown, a shot of my Carlsbad Masi, home again for a brief time.

Brian says that when they moved in the building was the only thing there, nothing else around. No stairs to the entrance either, just a path up dirt.

I show the south side of the building, and the rear loading area, where the bikes left the premises.

The front of the building looks west/southwest, overlooking the coastal railroad tracks, which are heavily used. Beyond is the beach.

It's a large structure, now a very active YMCA Gym facility. Appropriate, somehow.

I've also included some pictures looking north and south along the ocean on Highway 101 (also: Pacific Coast Highway). These views taken just north of Solana Beach, about 5 miles south of Carlsbad. When I get back down there, I'll take a few additional shots for you of the seashore just off the factory.

Also, one shot of part of the route we traveled, just a shot of road ... it was a very hot, beautiful day yesterday. We had a good ride. The road shot was taken about 5 miles due East of the factory, in the coastal hills. The guys who worked at Masi rode all these roads regularly ... the coast road especially, so I thought it'd be nice to have a few shots of these things.

Charles Andrews

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