Rare Masi Fork

My Masi research has led me down many interesting paths.  It is always hard separating rumors from fact, and even when the source is someone trustworthy I have trouble taking anyone's word for anything anymore.  Like last year when John Jorgensen told me about the elusive Masi triple plate crown... he swears that one such bike was actually built and has been trying to track it down for me.  John's a good guy, and if he says it exists I want to believe him, but I swore I would withhold judgment until I saw it for myself.


As of today, the triple plate is old news.  This morning a friend of mine in Milan, Sciocco d'Acciaio emailed me this photo of the incredibly rare quadruple plate crown and though I doubt it was ever incorporated in a bike (the photo shows an unpainted prototype), there can now be no doubt whatsoever that it actually exists (and by extension maybe that means that John's triple plate crown is actually out there somewhere as well...).

...and if you believe all this, check out this new product due to hit the bike shops next season.

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