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Masi: The Master Builder of Milan

Cycle Sport, January 1969

Masi Gran Criterium

Bicycling, March 1971

Quality Is: The Ultimate Bike

The Civilized Man, September 1984

Il Maestro

Winning, September 1984

Masi 3V Volumetrica

Bicycle Rider, January/February 1986

Masi Volumetrica

Bicycle Guide, October 1986

 The Mystery Masi

Cyclist, March 1987

Masi 3V Volumetrica

Bicycling, January/February 1989

Masi Gran Criterium

Bicycle Guide, October 1989

 Masi Team 3V

Road Bike Action, November 1993

Masi Team 3V

Bicycling, April 1995

 Masi Tre V

Bicyclist, December 1997

Del Velocipedismo Á. Gino Bartali

Capanni & Cervellati, 1998

 Biciclette Milano

VeloNews Advertising Supplement, date unknown


The Mario Confente Story

Russ Howe

Ecco La Biccicletta

Bicycling, July 2007

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