Masi Bits - Fork Crowns   (Road bikes only, for now)

Italy, c. 1958 Italy, c. 1961 Italy, c. 1972 Italy, 1972 Italy, 1972-1975
USA, 1973-1974
The twin plate crown was notoriously hard to braze which may explain why it was not in use for very long.  It is prized by collectors however.  It appeared on the first 450 or so Carlsbad bikes, though a few rare examples appeared up to several years after. Italy, c. 1973 Italy, 1974-1975?
USA, 1974-1976
USA, 1975-1976 Italy, c. 1975 Italy, 1976-1990's USA, 1978-1982 USA, 1983-1991 USA, 1992-2000's Italy, 1980's-1990's Italy, 1990's Italy, 2003
This Fischer crown appeared on most Masi frames for about two decades. This crown appeared on some Nervex-lugged Masis.  Some had Fischer crowns. 
Usually attributed to 1960-61, Nervex-lugged bikes may have been produced as late as 1964.  Peter Rich's Masi ad in the Dec. '63  NCCA newsletter offered a choice of Nervex or Italian lugs.
This slotted crown, when seen from above, could be mistaken for a Fischer crown. But from the side you can see that it is much shallower and has a flat spot for the brake.

Note various fork blade stiffener cutouts begin around 1971, experimenting with several shapes, finally settling on three holes.

The "Faux" twin plate crown was derived from a solid crown that was cut in two. The twin plate crown appeared on both Italian and US Gran Criteriums. Fischer with slotted shoulders. Earliest slots were hand cut and had slots of inconsistent width. 

This crown appeared less and less after the introduction of the crown with the F. Masi crest, but examples still appear as late as 1978.

Both Italy and the US returned to the Fischer crown that was in use before the "faux" and  twin plate crowns.  Italian use of plain Fischer at this time appears spotty... slot-shouldered examples were more common. Slotted Fischer (occasional).  More frequent on later Carlsbad GC's (after #1000) though a few appeared earlier. Crest, no slot.  Alberto's first investment cast crown, by Microfusione. The mature design of the investment cast Italian crown (with crest and shoulder slot) remained in use for years with little variation.  Note that while Alberto's signature appears on the fork blade (and on the top tube), the crest bears Faliero's initial. Cinelli semi-sloping crown (model MC), Rancho Santa Fe and early San Marcos. Henry James crown with shoulder crest, later San Marcos.  Usually chromed with painted shoulder (as above), occasionally all-chrome or all-paint.


Henry James (?) crown, usually painted, sometimes chromed.  Seen here on a 1992 "Barcelona" 3V. I wish I had more info and better photos for these "Fleur de Lis" crowns.  Several variants appear over a period of years:

Top Left: Small triangular window
1984 Cronometer

Top Right: Large triangular window
1991 3V(custom built)

 Bottom Left: "Masi" on single-point shoulder
1988 Prestige

Bottom Right: Dual-point shoulder
1990's TT bike

The shoulder design is a stylized representation of the
Duomo in Milan.

Richie-issimo crown (and lugs)