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1954 Speciale Corsa
Note badge, not decal
1962 Special with fade seat tube panel. 1968 Special 1969 Special
Palmares bands:
"Champione del Mondo 1967-1968 * 1968-1969, (Professionalisti su strada)"
1970 Gran Crit
This beautiful crest was only used for a year or so.
1972-1975 Gran Criterium (Itlay)
1973-1974 Gran Criterium (USA)
(boxes face left)
Word Championship Bands
Top: 1974 Italian GC
Bottom: 1972 Italian GC
Both styles also appeared on USA GC's: On Carlsbad bikes (up to about  #400), the box was on the left side.  On Rancho Santa Fe and San Marcos bikes, the box was in front .
Stars & Stripes Bands
Top: Carlsbad, #400-0200 (1200)
Bottom: Carlsbad #550-0800+ (1800+)

There was quite a bit of overlap in the use of these bands but in general the top ones are on earlier frames.  A few frames had one of each.

On the Masi Registry, the top bands are "VF" and the bottom bands are "HF"

1975-1977 Prestige 1975 "Faliero Masi" Italy, date unknown

Unusual decal, typeface matches neither early 70's or late 70's.  Two variants, as above and without Faliero signature. 

1977-1979 Prestige 1978-1987 Gran Criterium,
Rancho Santa Fe and San Marcos
(boxes face front)
Date unknown. Seen on 1980's repaints of 70's (Italian) GC's 1979-1984 Prestige

This decal appears on an early trade show 3V, not sure if it ever appeared on production 3V's.

1984-1990's Prestige and 3V
(Italian for Europe)
1984-1988 3V
(Italian for USA)
1987-1990's(?) 3V
USA built
Gran Criterium, USA
1990 "Russian" 3V
1990s Italian 3V