Rob Roberson's Build List


These are the serial #'s for the frames I built (301) in Rancho Santa Fe at Roland Sahm's ranch with Gregorio and Humberto (who I trained).  In the A80 period I also built 3 forks for 51cm frame one being a twin plate crown.  Jim Allen did frame alignment & paint in San Marcos.  I did the fork alignment.

When operations moved to San Marcos in '81 I worked a few months as a separate builder with Gregorio.  Dave Tesch & Joe Starck were the other team*.  I kept no records there and quit because of commute distance and environment.  I would guess I made about 50.


* Rob may be mistaken about either the year or the personnel... Tesch and Starck were not working together until 1984.  Dave Moulton would have been there in '81.

** Note duplicate series of serial numbers, A8001-80110, A8011-8020.

Also note that not all Masis from the 1979-80 period appear on this list.  For at least part of the time, frames were also being built at San Marcos and a frame with a serial number matching one of those below (but in a different size) has been known to turn up.  It is not clear at this time if theses frames are indeed from San Marcos or if they are undocumented duplicate frames by Rob.


 R - Reynolds 531
 C - Columbus SP


C7901 - 05 62cm R
C7906 - 09 60cm R
C7910 60cm C
C7911 60cm R
C7912 63cm C
C7913 64cm C
C7914 - 18 58cm R
C7919 - 22 56cm R
C7923 - 26 60cm R
C7927 - 29 54cm R
C7930 56cm R
C7931 - 32 54cm R
C7933 57cm C/SL
C7934 - 37 60cm R
C7938 60cm C
C7939 - 43 58cm R
D7901 - 05 62cm R
D7906 - 10 54cm R
D7911 - 15 52cm R
D7916 - 19 54cm R
D7920 54cm C/SL
D7921 - 30 56cm R
D7931 62cm C/SL
D7932 61cm R
D7933 62cm R
A8001 - 10 58cm R  **
A8011 - 20 60cm R  **
A8001 - 10 62cm R  **
A8011 - 20 56cm R  **
A8021 57cm C/SL
A8001 - 10 54cm R  **
A8001 - 10 58cm R  **

No number - for Roland Sahm 

60cm R
B8001 - 05 52cm R
B8006 - 20 56cm R
B8021 - 40 58cm R
B8041 - 42 57cm C Track
B8043 57cm C SL  for Rene Moser
B8044 57cm R SL
B8045 49 cm C SL / R fork  for Gregorio
C8001 - 10 60cm R
C8011 - 20 62cm R
C8021 - 24 56cm R
C8025 58cm R  for Humberto
No number - for R. Roberson  52cm C SL / R fork
C8027 - 40 58cm R
C8041 - 46 56cm R
C8047 48cm C SL
C8048-57 54cm R
C8058 - 67 56cm R
C8068 63cm R
D8001 - 20 58cm R
D8021 60cm R
D8022 60cm R w/ twin plate crown
D8023 - 24 60cm R
D8025 50cm C S
D8026 - 50 62cm R