Georgia Aquarium

On June 1, 2006 we vistited the new Georgia Aquarium, the largest in the world (eight million gallons total).  Making the trip were myself, my daughter Sieren, her friend Stacy, Stacy's mom "JP" and close family friend Pam.  What happened to Beth?  Well, she stayed home... something about needing a little peace and quiet.

PICT4396 PICT4399 PICT4400 PICT4404
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PICT4425 PICT4429 PICT4430 PICT4431
PICT4434 PICT4438 PICT4443 PICT4444
PICT4445 PICT4446 PICT4447 PICT4448
PICT4451 PICT4462 PICT4463 PICT4469
PICT4470 PICT4472 PICT4473 PICT4475
PICT4478 PICT4482 PICT4484 PICT4485
PICT4486 PICT4494 PICT4497 PICT4500
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