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Label: Frankenstein

Material: Rayon

 Origin: USA


This was my first Hawaiian shirt, bought back in the days when I weighed 130 lb and could still occasionally fit into the less pricey clothes found in the boy's department (which is where this shirt came from).  I'm sure that's exactly why I got this one, because it was cheap... I was never one to spend any more than necessary on clothes, not when there were so many good record albums, books and other goodies out there.

At the time I was making pottery for a living and this became my lucky shirt, the one I wore to every craft fair and outdoor show, even gallery show openings.  It's still one of the nicest parrot-and-plant designs I've seen and I really miss wearing it.  If you have one in a large or extra large you'd like to sell, I'd really like to
hear from you.