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Label: Tommy Bahama

Material: Silk

 Origin: China


All the other shirts in this collection were gifts from friends, eBay finds and clearance items. I have always been stubbornly determined to never buy a shirt unless it's a 'deal.'  This is the only shirt I almost paid full price for. It was displayed on a mannequin at the entrance of Parisians for several months and every time I passed it, I was drawn to it... I'd look at the pattern, the construction, run my hand over the silk, look at the price ("Yep, still $110..."). No way I was going to pay that for a shirt, though one time I did go so far as to open my checkbook to see how much was in my account. One day, it went on sale... half price. Beth was with me and her eyes narrowed suspiciously before I even opened my mouth... "Still too much, forget it." We then hit the bargain section where I bought, with her blessing, two other shirts that are still favorites of mine (see the next two pages). But "Banana Botana" still called to me. After several days of shameless pouting and whining Beth finally threw up her hands and growled, "Just go get the damned shirt."

The construction quality of this shirt is impressive, even compared to some of Tommy Bahama's other shirts.  I especially like the green reinforcement strips at the hem on the body and sleeves.  Also nice are the herringbone silk weave and the two-tone blue background that you don't notice until you examine it closely.