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Label: Kahanamoku (Cisco)

Material: Rayon

 Origin: Hawaii


With a grand total of five shirts (only four of which I could wear), I casually mentioned my growing interest in Hawaiian shirts to my old buddy Tom up in Michigan. I don't know why it surprised me, since at one time or another he has collected almost everything, but Tom turned out to be an expert. He directed me to eBay and told me a few things to look for in nicer shirts and also recommended a few books. He also asked me what size I was and when it turned out that my respectable girth was a bit less respectable than his, he promptly filled a box with several shirts he had outgrown. This is probably the nicest, an older Duke Kahanamoku border shirt that is well broken in and very soft to the touch.  I really love wearing this shirt, because it feels great and because it came from a dear friend.