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Label: Avanti

Material: Silk

 Origin: China


One of the first shirts I won on eBay was this silk Avanti bamboo border print.  Not this particular shirt, but one just like it.  I loved the fabric and I especially loved the design.  Unfortunately, when it arrived it had a couple of stains and several bad runs so I ended up returning it to the seller.   A few weeks later I visited Avanti's web site and discovered that the design was still in production.  Not given to spending money freely on new list-price goods, I crawled back to my eBay hunting grounds and waited in the hope that one would show up eventually.  After another six months or so, impatience got the better of me and I returned to Avanti and ordered the darned thing.  This is still only the second new shirt I've bought that did not come off the discount rack.